Can you be a perfectionist all your life, but never achieve perfection itself? Is it the case that everyone except the perfectionists realise this?

And if the perfectionists realised and accepted this, they would stop trying? It might mean a World with less obsessive people, but also a World with less good things getting done.

Is perfection subtractive – something you can achieve by removing all the bad things in your life, like a surgeon removing a cancerous tumour from someone’s body. While excellence is about adding good things?

You also hear the expression ‘a perfect storm’, implying all the ingredients coming together in unison to create mayhem. So I guess, perfect isn’t always linked to desirable.

What’s the difference between perfect, excellent and being a champion? Perfection and Excellence both seem to involve improvement. But is it better to have perfect intentions, excellent thoughts, or to act like a champion?

Maybe man-made means achieving excellence and being a champion (at best), but perfection, that’s way beyond us.

What do you think?