Sex and Love


If sex is the force of attraction, love is the glue.


Breathe like you mean it


Young life breathes quickly,

Quick movements wanting help from all around.

Middle life is breathless for romance, parenthood and recognition.

Old age breathes as a sigh.

A sigh of contentment. A sigh of weariness.

Until it breathes its last expectation.

Job done.

What’s a good belief? (a poem)

What’s a good belief?

Believing in yourself in a sharp, vigorous, multi-colour reality,

When others see hazy, lazy, grey?

Believing in yourself while in a calm zen place,

So you can then step out into the noisy street, to believe in others?

Believing what you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste?


Love is something to feel, but not touch.

Love cannot be directly seen, heard, smelled or tasted either.

But you can directly break or make love.

And they say more of it is good.

Except when you hurt someone,

By loving their friend more.


Do you love that you still believe in love?

Or believe in love, to make sense of everything else?


What about ‘being the best you can’?

Perhaps not just an empty, threadbare cliché.

Instead, the slogan of a popular culture,

because success itself is popular and valued.


Success has become an industry with a momentum of its own.

Loads of people spend a career measuring success,

Arranging events that celebrate it,

Broadcasting it and contrasting it,

Advising or coaching others how to grasp success.


Love and success. Running free as the children of belief.

Wait. When you believe in children first, love and success will come.

The World is definitely circular…

Actually, love


Love replenishes the soul the way a nap in the sun replenishes the body.

Love is less a statement of intent and more a famous friend that stalks us with champagne in hand.

Pure love if it was on TV, would be an enduring soap opera, not news, weather or adverts.

If love is more positive than positive itself, maybe it needs twice the airplay and twice the headspace in us all.

One, Waiting for a Friend, Landslide…

_MG_8900  _MG_0066

If you can play your part in bringing a long dead-friendship back to life, are you reconnecting with the best of your past and making for a better future too? (1) The friendship may have withered on the vine because you started bringing out the worst in each other. (2) But then you both grew up, grew older and grew wiser. (3) Time seemed to pass by incredibly fast. (4) Your lives became more crowded with demands on your time. (5) You realised that the good things and the good memories definitely outweighed the bad and that those facts cannot be denied or downplayed. (6) You realise the coolest part, is that you both still find a small fragment of time to make an old friendship work, for all the right reasons.

I’m now up to stage (6). Wish me luck.


By all means fall madly, truly and deeply in love with one person. But keep some love in reserve for the rest of the World too. They so need it.


You can spend a lifetime trying to get more people to like you. With some people, it will always be a fruitless task, for reasons you cannot understand and they can’t even explain it.

In the meantime, someone else walks into your life, sees the person you’re trying to become, sees your efforts at improving yourself and falls in love with you in the blink of an eye. Go figure!

Love in the age of science

_MG_9934   _MG_8913

Our love of broad daylight doesn’t trump the romance, or the expanse of the night sky.

Just because romantic ideas travel by fibre-optic cable at the speed of light, doesn’t make them accepted any quicker.

Being in love with someone seems to involve two things at once – you have to love yourself AND you have to love someone else unconditionally.

Love is always excused. Hate is sometimes forgiven.

If we spend twice as longer thinking about personal text messages and half as long sending them, technology would help us, not overwhelm us.

The introduction of new technology just gives us something else to love. Instead of having more love for each other.

Although the internet connects up more of the World, sadly it doesn’t help us reach a common view.

Happiness is the anticipation of pleasure, gain or success. Sadness is the realisation of pain, loss or failure.


When you are lucky enough to love someone, who needs to win the lottery?

If love is so great (and it is, in my view), why don’t more people give it out?

Is sibling rivalry just siblings trampling on sibling love, to get parental love?

Do we need separate words to describe step-parent love, grandparent love, pet-owner love, or gadget love?

Is there a difference between ‘new adopters’ who have a love affair with ground-breaking technology (who might hate shopping) and shopaholics who have a love for new season collections and new fashion new designs, who hate new technology?

Is lust still one of the seven deadly sins, if it’s for your partner that you love?

How come so many people love watching (office) politics, especially if involving intrigue and bitchiness, but so few people love politicians in general?

The most beautiful thing in the Universe – a mother’s love for her offspring?

There’s just one virus we want to go global and infect as many people as possible – the love bug.