A close vote (52/48) suggests to me a mass of people wavering between the 2 choices, not a mass of people at either extreme. When the media report the result, it’s all too easy to think voter views are hugely far apart, just because it was a binary choice, not a reading on a scale.

On referendum voting day, I think most clear-thinking people voted in spite of the referendum campaign exaggerations, not because of them. Also, the campaign did little to increase people’s opinions of the Westminster politicians.

Since a referendum is the purest form of democracy, a small bunch of people not liking the result and then campaigning for a second referendum just insults everyone who voted.

I didn’t vote Leave but I understand that it’s entirely possible to love the various cultures of continental Europe, but hate the bureaucracy of Brussels and Strasbourg. Labelling this group of Leave voters as racists, suggests the accuser doesn’t know what the word racist actually means.

Sadly the bureaucrats of Brussels seem to have learned nothing from the Brexit result and simply carry on regardless. A timely reminder of why bureaucracy is so maddening.