Slices of Bookshop Life

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A therapist with a patient on the couch, walks through the mind of one. A person visiting a bookshop walks through the writing mind of hundreds.

Comradeship – two parts cocktail and one part empathy.

Nature is kinky. It’s human nature that is conventional.

Ideas pollenate only the human flowers that position themselves to opportunity.

Some big companies colonise spaces where ecosystems fear to tread. Such companies replace grand & land with brand & sand.

Corporates set prices the way lawyers split hairs. Finely and relentlessly.

In a bookshop today, I saw a book titled’ Fashion Trends’. By the time its published, its actually ‘Fashion History.’



Business imitating real life

We monitor and copy fashion, yet want to look distinctive and appealing. Companies monitor business trends, yet want to stand out from the competition.

We price-compare online, but take the things we get for free, for granted. Companies price-compare their competitor offerings, but put no value on the things they get for free.

We dress up to go out somewhere where people will judge us by our appearance, yet want to relate to those same people on a deeper level. Company employees wear business clothing to work somewhere that people will judge them by their appearance, yet need to relate to those same customers and work colleagues on a deeper level.




When grains of white dust gather randomly on furniture, it’s a curse.

When grains of white dust gather in artificial lines, it’s illegal.

When grains of white dust gather randomly on beaches, it’s magical.