The green planet that keeps turning…

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Cycle to work,

Cycle some cool ideas on-route,

Recycle at work,

Recycle your ideas at work,

Cycle home,

Recycle at home…


London Cycling again…

Cyclists entering the intersection early and motorists entering the intersection late – a collision of ambition, stupidity and selfishness.

Cyclists – running a red light might be the last race you ever run.

Road rage – when people hop into a metal box and morph into jerk-in-a-box, jack-in-a-box.

If fists were the best tool to set road rules, then long ago we’d have made Parliaments and Courthouses into boxing rings. Civilisation also wouldn’t have got as far as inventing roads, let alone cities.

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London cyclists and vehicles…

Let’s not make the road ahead a pitched battle between road users…

Motorists, the cyclist you hit today may have been your customer, supplier, son or daughter tomorrow.

Cyclists versus motorists? No. Poor judgement & road rage versus sanity & street awareness.

HGV; having greater visibility. Human growth values.

Think country lane not Olympic lane.

Trendy lefties meet cycling start ups, head on…

Less speedy dies. More beady eyes

The challenge for traffic planners; more chess-piece playing so less chest-piece paying.

Motorists; killing cyclists or pedestrians kills your employer’s business.

Impatience today. Patients tomorrow.

Where we have to share the road, let’s not share the travelling time.



London Social Comment 1

A man who is tired of London’s rush hour, is tired of life.

Friends, Londoners, countrymen. Sadly, three separate categories…

London housing – more filling the gap than minding the gap.

London infill for housing space needs park expansion for breathing space.

Will London property eventually become so expensive, only the robots can live there?

The rest of Britain might be heartland, but London’s a state of mind.

Sound of the times – ituning out the London buskers.

The tourists might come to London, but its mansions and tax breaks go to offshore tycoons.

Point of view; more cyclists appearing on London roads, or fewer cars appearing on London’s converted cycle ways?

Mass cycling and secure cycling lock-ups in London. There is nothing so powerful as two ideas whose time has come.

Cometh the dedicated lanes, cometh the cyclist.