Wordsmithing in cyberspace

Hop-off, hip-out, hip-op, hip-in, hop-on, hip-hop!


Pub-walking, tipsy-talking, camaraderie-chalking!


Day-grey, sun-ray, clay-way, may-stay, walkers-away, ok-ole!


Toff with cough makes off in drop-top driven by flop-mop.


Park life with the heart life,

Watch charmed life with the chilled life,

And see success mugged by half life.

As haunted life fights with fake life and low life,

So new life fights for this life and right life.





Work for yourself…

Work for yourself by working for others.

Work for yourself by working to help others.

Work for yourself by being more than the sum of your parts.

Since perhaps your purpose is an extension of everyone you know or can reach.


Work for yourself by looking at your own Balance Sheet from time to time.

Not just the one that’s expressed in dollars,

But the one expressed with assets like integrity, impact and connections made,

And liabilities such as tense relationships, regrets and pain experienced.


Work for yourself by walking the tightrope between spontaneity and structure,

Ambition and reflection, advice and personal action.


Work for yourself 24/7, or at least aspire to.

After all, if you get it right, life will probably work for you.

Breathe like you mean it


Young life breathes quickly,

Quick movements wanting help from all around.

Middle life is breathless for romance, parenthood and recognition.

Old age breathes as a sigh.

A sigh of contentment. A sigh of weariness.

Until it breathes its last expectation.

Job done.

What’s a good belief? (a poem)

What’s a good belief?

Believing in yourself in a sharp, vigorous, multi-colour reality,

When others see hazy, lazy, grey?

Believing in yourself while in a calm zen place,

So you can then step out into the noisy street, to believe in others?

Believing what you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste?


Love is something to feel, but not touch.

Love cannot be directly seen, heard, smelled or tasted either.

But you can directly break or make love.

And they say more of it is good.

Except when you hurt someone,

By loving their friend more.


Do you love that you still believe in love?

Or believe in love, to make sense of everything else?


What about ‘being the best you can’?

Perhaps not just an empty, threadbare cliché.

Instead, the slogan of a popular culture,

because success itself is popular and valued.


Success has become an industry with a momentum of its own.

Loads of people spend a career measuring success,

Arranging events that celebrate it,

Broadcasting it and contrasting it,

Advising or coaching others how to grasp success.


Love and success. Running free as the children of belief.

Wait. When you believe in children first, love and success will come.

The World is definitely circular…


_MG_5331 _MG_6682

Flexibility is me,

Flexibility is key,

Flexibility is Plan B.


Flexibility will get you through,

Flexibility is what to do,

Flexibility will help you find your boo.


Flexibility helps you cope with city life,

But sadly, flexibility is anything but rife.






When grains of white dust gather randomly on furniture, it’s a curse.

When grains of white dust gather in artificial lines, it’s illegal.

When grains of white dust gather randomly on beaches, it’s magical.

Cornwall Poem

_MG_1684 _MG_1708

How many ways can you say nautical?

The windows of the fishing villages in Cornwall,

Say them all.

The fresh-caught fish,

Ancient piers,

And beached boats,

Surround us with reminders of the sea.

It brings life and vitality,

To invigorate locals and tourists alike.

And makes Cornwall the place to be,

For at least as long as we have the Cornwall house rented.

True belief


True Belief 1

True belief flickers like the weather.

At times, sun beams burning off the fog of doubt.

At times, the blast of ocean wind brought forth onto fresh landscapes.

Or a thousand droplets of rains cleansing the accumulated muck off brass.


True Belief 2

True belief is self-belief, but also it’s the belief in love.

Finding a reconciliation between trusting your partner to guide you and listening to your own emotions of fear and doubt.

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