Over 70% of the NHS budget is consumed by people with long term conditions with 25% of hospital beds used for those with dementia. That’s a care problem smothering a hospital solution.

Good health is a lifestyle choice for the majority who inherit healthy genes. Playing hard doesn’t have to mean creating long term heath conditions. Bad judgement is too often passed off as bad luck.

Staying healthy is a 30 minute walk, five times a week. Not 30 pills every day of the week.

Every day 2.5M prescriptions, 30,000 operations and £400M of NHS spending. The NHS used to be too big to fail. It’s costs are now too big to succeed.

Social services and the NHS system should be less Hadrian’s Wall and more joined-up Wonderwall.

Supply creates demand unless it’s prisons. Build more NHS hospitals (at nearly £500 per night) and that’s where old people feeling poorly will end up. Build more care in the community facilities (at £700 per week) and the people will follow.