Month: December 2015

Eyes without a face


The day AI takes over human medical research, is the day we surrender control of our destiny.

Flash trading of financial futures is split-second trading on our own futures.

Gene therapy (GM that removes cruelty and indifference) was never needed so desperately on a mass scale, as when there is human suffering, rainforest deforestation, ocean pollution and global warming.

Politics and credit – the art of stealing opportunity from the future to buy votes and gadgets in the present.

The borders we sit behind are insignificant compared to the technology, fame and entertainment we seek.


Leadership and Management


The act of joining staff hands around a customer’s needs.

The act of applying electricity to hand-powered components.

Mining the magic and monitoring the wagon train.

Build it amazing and customer wow will come.


Leadership versus Management

Great management is leading by example. Great leadership is providing an example for others to better.

Management is ensuring there’s no explosion in the paint factory. Leadership is creating Pollock art that turns management on its head.

Work for yourself…

Work for yourself by working for others.

Work for yourself by working to help others.

Work for yourself by being more than the sum of your parts.

Since perhaps your purpose is an extension of everyone you know or can reach.


Work for yourself by looking at your own Balance Sheet from time to time.

Not just the one that’s expressed in dollars,

But the one expressed with assets like integrity, impact and connections made,

And liabilities such as tense relationships, regrets and pain experienced.


Work for yourself by walking the tightrope between spontaneity and structure,

Ambition and reflection, advice and personal action.


Work for yourself 24/7, or at least aspire to.

After all, if you get it right, life will probably work for you.

Breathe like you mean it


Young life breathes quickly,

Quick movements wanting help from all around.

Middle life is breathless for romance, parenthood and recognition.

Old age breathes as a sigh.

A sigh of contentment. A sigh of weariness.

Until it breathes its last expectation.

Job done.


_MG_4735 copy _MG_9509

Some friendships are two parts cocktail and one part empathy.

Some friendships fade into the past, like beautiful ripples on a pond.

Friends generally make the journey shorter and the load lighter.

Life without friends is a day without sunshine.

No matter where you travel to on the Globe, good friends are there to find, wanting your camaraderie, just as you want theirs.

Perhaps the best friendships are with the opposite sex. They challenge you to be at your best and bring out the best in you.

Give a shout out to new friends that leave their one way street when you start walking down it.

The Art of Management

_MG_9929 _MG_0599

Compartmentalise to cope.

Pick, mix and cook to progress.