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If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing. —Benjamin Franklin

When is a good time to write? Write about now.

Right about what you know? Write about what you know.


A kingdom for my Blog


A good blog is clean living, tasty and sharp.

A blog worth knowing is purposeful. It shakes its message at the reader. Sideways.

A worthy blog is elusive. Always slightly beyond your best crafting-reach.

A great blog weeps tears at your feet. But still pulls your heartstrings down to its pool.

An awesome, sublime blog will wait for its time to pounce.

Message in a virtual bottle

What is a blog anyway but a message in a virtual bottle.

Some messages say:

Rescue me.

Embrace me/understand my work (the pictures I take).

Carry my message on to others (the bottle-shaped baton).

Hold my message for the future (bury it in the sand for later).

Set my message free (read it, return it to the bottle, then throw the bottle far out into the bobbing ocean.

Pollute the World (add this bottle to the other junk polluting the planet).

I hope all blogs on WordPress are any/all of the above, except the final one .