The coming decade…


Education and Work

Students stay at school longer, then graduate to do what? Make better and more informed decisions. Decisions on the things that AI can’t or won’t yet do.

People concede that they need the extra education to understand analysis. Year 14 Maths is compulsory.

Jobs open up reconciling and debugging AI systems, until such time as they merge. Counselling, drug rehab and mental health jobs prosper.

Politics and governance

Politics between 2020 and 2030 becomes largely concerned with social wealth distribution. Taxation and investment decisions are reformed.

Political referendums become more prevalent as the technology to host them becomes more cost-effective, but then disappear as governance identifies that issues can’t be resolved piecemeal, but that wholesale ecosystem policy reform is needed.

Hedge fund AI resources are harnessed to government policy making? How? Indirectly via consulting firms and higher education computer resources. Governments commission most complex policy problems to be solved using AI. AI resources are rented as needed to deliver the output.

The serious and super-complex problems become resolved by groups of AI’s acting together. Monitoring systems progressively merge.

International trade

Trade becomes less physical movement and more trade credits for the IP on items exported and imported between countries.

AI performs increasingly more of the services that currently occur between people.

Most financial currencies consolidate to align with the half a dozen large trading blocs that emerge.


Celebration of human endeavour is highlighted, tapping the human need to cheer the underdog. e.g. music contests, the Olympics and sports leagues, even as AI controls more of our functioning World.


Basic healthcare receives priority attention. People are actively counselling about healthy lifestyle choices.

Junk food and confectionery companies sponsor medical research into fat cell inhibiting medications and finally succeed, making their profits soar.

Mental health counselling aided by AI diagnostics achieves a quiet revolution, creating a happier but more aware society.










Media articles I’d love to read…


UK charities get sizeable donations from philanthropists in UK immigrant’s home countries – to help their population resettle in the UK.

Life after food banks – how charities are transforming people’s lives in ways the government can’t.

The rise of volunteer counselling on a mass scale – communities connecting people.

The campaign to re-focus news content on the things that matter.

Record numbers of affordable London houses being built on brownfield sites.

24/7 driverless trains come to London – one month to go.

New Michellin-star awards for politicians – their integrity and actions ratings.

Bright lights, big city

IMG_0385-Night-Thames-View-for-Web  _MG_6707

Big cities show survival of the fittest in action.

The fittest don’t have to be fittest in body. Just fittest in mind.

If you come to the Big City naïve, stubborn, vain, or showing poor judgement,

The city will smile its grim smile, encircle you and slowly but surely take wealth and hope off you.


If you come to the Big City with a survivor’s mentality, hungry to learn, hungry to succeed,

The city will take you under its wing. As one of its own.


Does this make the Big City harsh and cruel?

Or a good judge of character, with judgements made at big-city speed.


Big cities house the most charities and some of the grandest public structures,

Big cities are where the congregation of high talent assemble,

Where the future of humanity is discussed, agreed and governed from.

Big cities are indeed the bright lights.

Practical, if not socially just

IMG_0154  IMG_0217

If I had a pound for every street person who has approached me, I’d be collared and wealthy. Wealthy enough in spirit to return that generosity and then some.

Could UK-born beggars check the border control points and their local communities for illegal immigrants? Firstly, it would help them earn a living wage. And secondly, it would make the life for all UK-born beggars just that little bit easier.

Street can be the depths of seduction or the depths of despair. Street runs both ways. Street can be chic. Street can be shut-ended. Street is wise beyond its years.

Thinking rich and talking cheap

IMG_0267 IMG_0330

If we could turn all the words written about London’s housing crisis into bricks, the crisis would have been solved decades ago.

The richest in society can carelessly mislay a few zeros off their net personal wealth and still not break a sweat.