Lessons and Locations

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Smart people learn old lessons and adapt them to modern settings.

Is respect a container vessel? Things like joy, disappointment, frustration, relief, wisdom and error might fill and be linked to that container. But the container itself is separate, regardless of the size of those things.

Angry people seeking one kind of respect need to embrace other kinds of respect, as steps closer to the type of respect they crave.

Rightly or wrongly, it is human nature to respect achievement and sacrifice, not ‘being’ and ‘saying’.

If Los Angeles is about ‘fake it ’til you make it‘, is Las Vegas about ‘embrace the fake forever‘?


Experience or Judgement?

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Are our personal characters shaped by experience, or shaped by our own judgements? Both are powerful engines that push us to new chapters in our lives.

In our romantic relationships, our judgements are about who to date, what to say and how to behave. These judgements slowly become a set of experiences that in turn inform our future judgements. Even the experience of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ Through actual experiences, perhaps we learn not to judge quite so strongly at first glance. But still believe love at first sight is possible.

In our professional lives, people hire us for the quality of our judgements and rate us on the quality of our experiences. Skills of course, also play an important part in our professional development.

As parents, should we concentrate on teaching our children to make great judgements? Or to have a lifetime of great experiences instead?

As voters, what kind of politicians do we want governing our country? Honest ones definitely. Hard working ones too. Ones who can caution us, based on their past experience? Or ones who can make the perfect judgement call on our security forces, when the very defence of the nation is under threat?

Beautiful lies, ugly truths

Do we set our beautiful lies on ugly truths, like bleach on porcelain? Or do our beautiful lies hold hands with ugly truths like a child’s game of ring-a-ring-a-roses?

Kenwalt50 (https://kenwalt50.wordpress.com) says ‘Many of the greatest lies are truth and many of the greatest truths are lies. I began “writing” as a child, lonely and unable communicate as effectively with others as I could with myself, so I created fantasies. My stories allowed me to go anywhere and be anyone. These were “lies,” but the truth of them moulded me. The “truths” were the limits on me and on everyone–we cannot be everything we imagine ourselves to be. Only imagination can break the walls of truth.’

A beautiful lie is the bluff. Countered by an ugly truth, the royal flush.

We learn when we confront beautiful lies and ugly truths alike.

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