Month: November 2015

What’s a good belief? (a poem)

What’s a good belief?

Believing in yourself in a sharp, vigorous, multi-colour reality,

When others see hazy, lazy, grey?

Believing in yourself while in a calm zen place,

So you can then step out into the noisy street, to believe in others?

Believing what you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste?


Love is something to feel, but not touch.

Love cannot be directly seen, heard, smelled or tasted either.

But you can directly break or make love.

And they say more of it is good.

Except when you hurt someone,

By loving their friend more.


Do you love that you still believe in love?

Or believe in love, to make sense of everything else?


What about ‘being the best you can’?

Perhaps not just an empty, threadbare cliché.

Instead, the slogan of a popular culture,

because success itself is popular and valued.


Success has become an industry with a momentum of its own.

Loads of people spend a career measuring success,

Arranging events that celebrate it,

Broadcasting it and contrasting it,

Advising or coaching others how to grasp success.


Love and success. Running free as the children of belief.

Wait. When you believe in children first, love and success will come.

The World is definitely circular…


London Street Art -Nov 15

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Tragedy for France and the World

Bloodshed in backyard beckons brain to battle baddie beliefs, bite bullies, build beach bases, bridge breaks and bind bloodshed.