Fashion and jewellery

Jewellery up close and personal; rings high-fived, earrings called for, necklaces framed in the act and bracelets handed down.

Jewellery is to body piercings what investment art is to graffiti

Tattoos – art you wear while you’re saving up for great jewellery.

Go green when you have envy for jewellery, mined from the Earth.



Collections of seasons define a lifetime. The impact of season collections define a legacy.

Season collections are a stormy blast through a serene forest glade. They reshape what we love, but don’t replace what we love.

Art is a statement of style and substance. Fashion is wearable art. Therefore, fashion is a statement of style and substance.

Fashion design is the art of style creating substance. Fashion production is the science of substance embracing style.

Fashion, the glue that joins expresion and design.