The word on Flip Learning; grade headlines you win, grade tailings you loose?

Flip; outside-in to inside-out

Flip the classroom; video killed the textbook star?

Flip learning; Allow enough time at the workstation, so the training can leave on time with you onboard.

Conventional learning; walls with sentries and checkpoints. Flip learning; walls with ears.

Flip Learning; One insight is worth a thousand repeats.

Flip Learning; one substance, many styles.

Flip Learning; like You Tube breaking news, not museum captions

Flip Learning; time and space are relative. Assessment is absolute.

Flip learning; art integrating life and life integrating art?


Conventional teaching; inherit raw materials and hope to convert to saleable finished goods, using scheduled production runs.

Flip teaching; sell raw materials for students to convert into saleable finished goods, using flexible production runs.