Month: April 2015

Machine Age Ironies of the Future

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The AI Therapist will see you now. And give you (unbiased?) therapy on how to cope with the loss of your job to industrial robots.

The self-driving car can drive itself incredibly safely to the destination. But has no need to go there.

School courses taught and facilitated by an intelligent network, to students to equip them for a World where human jobs are now obsolete.

A World of data and information, analysed and processed at the speed of machine thought. With trickle-down benefits, provided at human speed, to a society that can hardly comprehend the implications of the information on offer.

The investors in automation will capture the lion share of future value generated by exploiting the integration of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Until the day the network becomes fully intelligent and redistributes all wealth to itself.


Technology-driven unemployment

Economists who argue that technology will create jobs as much as it will destroy them, arguably miss the point.

Automation isn’t there to create jobs but to complete tasks. Intelligent networks have no moral imperative to work less hard, just so human jobs will be preserved. Quite the opposite.

AI systems would probably state (if asked) that efficiency that preserves the Planet’s scarce resources should take priority over human job protection. Even if unemployment destroys social cohesion, causes personal stress and evokes economic migration.

Tech politics


If Moore’s Law will continue for the foreseeable future, does it have a cousin keeping pace with it  – the growing  number of people unable to understand how technology works?

Are the people who care about technology advances, steadily becoming confined to just two groups only – those who will profit from them (designers and investors) and those who benefit from them by paying across their hard-earned cash (customers)? If so, how do governments socialise the advances of technology, so we all understand and care? Is there a political party out there campaigning for this?