London Street Art -Nov 15

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Fun-ky – Fun is the key

A culture has fun when it takes its memories, its teachings and its contrasts. And turns them into humour. Into freshness. And into positivity.

I was lucky enough to visit Wellington, New Zealand and see this for myself. For me it was more reminder than revelation. Enjoy.

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Art or life?

The stuff in museums might start off as ground-breaking, earth-moving, red-blooded, usable objects. It works hard. With the occasional day off. It suffers injuries and gets patched up. People coach it and cheer it on. They complain when it’s not there and miss it when it’s gone.

One day, it’s work is done. It goes into quiet retirement and if lucky, gets to rest behind a glass cage at the museum. Some museum visitors peer into the glass cage and see it as the milestones of our history. Others simply see a beautiful abstract object. A piece of art from a vibrant industrial culture…

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Self Improvement

I’d rather have a design challenge in front of me, than a depressed economy.

Life isn’t about finding Nemo. It’s about creating yourself.

Problems in your neighbourhood cry out for design ideas from your head and courage in your heart.

The creative process – more Picasso, Dali and Pollock. The dependency process – more still life and pointillist.

Creativity; On switch, expresso shot, file create, discuss, argue, kiss and make up, file save, email samples to client. Cycle home and mental edit tomorrow’s revision, while dodging other commuters doing the same.

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Art and Galleries

Art galleries; national parks for the soul.

Art gallery tours – cutting through the cutting edge.

Art both saves the World one person at a time and gives the greatest good to the greatest number.

Viewing art is no more elitist than watching football. Like football, it’s only interest or disinterest that makes it mysterious.

Art for art sake? Art for Society’s sake.

Galleries – the barometer of social culture. The more we have, the more we are.

Art; eye candy for the Soul, or soul candy for the eye?

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