Month: June 2015

The long and the short of it

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Fundamental junction – Functionality

Person reality – Personality

Gradual transition – Graduation

Disengaged graciousness – Disgrace

Notably electrifying – Novel



A car for everyone

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Alpha Romeo’s for alpha males,

Testarossa’s for testosterone-dominated males,

Hummers for song writers,

Oldsmobiles for grandparents,

Peugeots for cat lovers,

Seats for voyeurs,

Toyotas for toy designers,

Trans Ams for trans-gender people,

And VW’s for victorious women…

Bathroom Makeovers


In the history of the World,

Poems and bathroom makeovers don’t naturally go together,

One soars through the clouds and pilots the mist,

The other deals with the practised and the practical.


But bathroom makeovers argue that they belong in the club.

They are the material to lift your spirits,

And cleanse the body, if not the soul.


Bathroom makeovers so want to create vitality,

Craft manly purpose for craftsmen,

And foster intimate human activity, whether solo or not.


Do most poems do that?

Politicians and supermodels (2)


We have models and a more amazing version of them – super-models. We have bugs and super-bugs. Normal size and super-size. When it comes to politicians, perhaps no one talks about super-politicians, because politicians struggle to fit into the normal category of beauty or contribution.

Richmond park in London – the place where deer and squirrels graze freely, sunbathe in the buff and roam everywhere. The place where people plan ahead to visit, pay for food, wear ‘sensible clothes’ and deliberately confine themselves to man-made paths!

Do the bubbles in the alcohol we drink, become the little hot-air balloons that lift our spirits?

Supermodels and politicians…


Politicians have a catalogue of excuses the way supermodels have a catalogue of poses.


Do all bad memories eventually become good actions?


You know you’re in London when…

every minute, you hear a plane coming in to land,

every 2 minutes, you hear a police siren in the distance,

every 30 minutes, you overhear two people arguing,

and only every 120 minutes, do you hear the sound of laughter.

Surfing through the park

Riding the swell of the pathways,

the tree-like, leafy spray curving off the waves of green overhead,

time to concentrate with carefully balanced feet,

to make my move and surf in towards the distant café.

The taste of salt grows stronger,

as I coast into the café shore,

and sweep up the board that is my bike,

for a well-earned latte, with foam like beach-edging.

The soul of my English teacher


She looked at our class,

And saw anything but English scholars.

We rotated through, bent on fun after school,

Never giving the subject of English its chance.


Yet much much later, English is back,

Calling for expression, energy and purpose.

All the World’s a stage. But my English teacher,

Would look shocked to see,

What English expression has finally become.

And the long ago student would look just as shocked,

To see how English the subject, blurred so effortlessly into a lifetime of life.