Fun-ky – Fun is the key

A culture has fun when it takes its memories, its teachings and its contrasts. And turns them into humour. Into freshness. And into positivity.

I was lucky enough to visit Wellington, New Zealand and see this for myself. For me it was more reminder than revelation. Enjoy.

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Kiwis and Brits

Having lived for at least a decade in each country, here’s my humorous take on the differences between Kiwis and Brits.
Hopefully it won’t offend anyone reading this…

Kiwis – enjoy a pioneering spirit. Brits – enjoy a lager.
Kiwis – take the scenic route. Brits – form an orderly line.
Kiwis – think of their country as Godzone. Brits – think of their football team as Godzone.
Kiwis – recovering from the bicultural divide. Brits – recovering from the class divide.
Kiwis – think ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. Brits – keep calm and carry on.
Kiwis – feel that she’ll be right. Brits – know that she’s always right!
Kiwis – love to beat the Aussies on their home ground. Brits – love to beat anyone on their own ground.
Kiwis – watch TV when they get tired of reality. Brits – watch reality TV.
Kiwis – visit their mates for a BBQ. Brits – visit B&Q.
Kiwis – are thankful for the trans Tasman gap. Brits – mind the gap.