I read in the Metro paper (a London free morning newspaper) this week that apparently 100 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute. And that 6 Billion hours of video are now watched on You Tube each month. Soon it will be one hour watched each month for every person on the planet.

Is this good or bad? On the positive side, we should celebrate the enormous amount of creative energy that people exhibit in producing You Tube content. Clearly we’re not all passive entertainment consumers/couch potatoes!

Any time we have a bad day and start to lose faith in humanity, or its ability to solve the problems that often we ourselves have created, it’s worth remembering just how creative we are as well. Of course our creativity comes in many forms – entertainment, art, prose, scientific innovation, business product development, medical cures etc.

Getting back to You Tube, obviously with 100 hours uploaded every minute, the competition for viewer time is immense and intense. That’s worth remembering if you’re one of those You Tube content producers (maybe the business end-market is less crowded?).

I’m sure that like for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the performing arts (dance, drama, musicals, live music, mime, stand up comedy etc) You Tube has its share of thought-provoking, informative and measured (fair) debate.

If it doesn’t, then should we worry that the critical mass of people watching the 6B hours of video aren’t getting a ‘nutritional’ information ‘diet’ to make informed judgements in their lives? Judgements made when they vote, sit on juries, buy products, support their kids schools, sign petitions, give to charities, fund raise, or engage with each other in person?