Trump to Kim:

Let’s just make this a flash in the pan, not a flash in the sky.


Trump to the media:

Fake news – it’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

This drama about statues is a hiding in plain sight!

I had a word to my Whitehouse maintenance crew. All my doors are revolving doors now.

When it comes to meetings with heads of state, I keep trusted advisers close and my junior family closer.


Trump to women:

Comb over and see me sometime!


Trump supporters: big em up and fake em up,

Trump press: write em up and send em up,

Post Trump campaigners: label em up and wrap em up!







Fun-ky – Fun is the key

A culture has fun when it takes its memories, its teachings and its contrasts. And turns them into humour. Into freshness. And into positivity.

I was lucky enough to visit Wellington, New Zealand and see this for myself. For me it was more reminder than revelation. Enjoy.

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A car for everyone

_MG_9740  _MG_8912

Alpha Romeo’s for alpha males,

Testarossa’s for testosterone-dominated males,

Hummers for song writers,

Oldsmobiles for grandparents,

Peugeots for cat lovers,

Seats for voyeurs,

Toyotas for toy designers,

Trans Ams for trans-gender people,

And VW’s for victorious women…

Speed meets science, him and her

_MG_9929 _MG_9934

The speed of decisions – science runs at the speed of ‘genetic expression’. Him speed: ‘will you?’ Her speed: ‘what’s taking him so long to ask?’

The speed of preparation – science runs at the speed of gestation period per species. Him speed: ‘Keys? Wallet? Let’s go.’ Her speed: ‘Let me run through my wardrobe options one more time…’

The speed of sound – science runs at the speed of 343.59 metres per second in dry air at 20 degrees Celsius. Him speed: ‘how much more flirting and banter do I need to provide?’ Her speed: ‘ My phone number is…’

The speed of energy transfer – science runs at the speed that the electrons in a substance get excited. Him speed: ‘I can feel a definite rush of blood to my central extremities’ Her speed: ‘those butterflies in my tummy are back and making my knees go weak.’

The speed of imaging – science runs at the speed of light. Him speed: ‘she looks utterly stunning.’ Her speed: ‘He needs to drink less and work out at the gym more!’