3D printing in the buff

_MG_9390  _MG_5759 copy

When 3D printing costs drop further, early generations of 3D printed items and prototypes can be expected to rise significantly. Is anyone worried about the extra pollution this will cause and are any governments planning for this?

The economics of 3D printing will probably allow a step-change in consumer choice (size, colour, texture, shape etc) compared to the present. The costs of providing such choice are only the time taken to tweak the printing programme code slightly.

3D printing strengthens the ‘be here now’/instant gratification expectations of consumers. Is this a good thing?

As the 3D printing age matures, how quickly will we phase out words like distribute, shipping, forklift, lorry, pallet, warehouse and grow?

How long before we start 3D printing foodstuffs instead of growing them? When that happens, what will happen to all the farmland out there?


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