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Are there just two types of people in the World, whether we’re talking about strong and weak, beautiful and ugly, cowardly and heroic, patient and impatient, logical and non logical, emotional and non emotional, or creative and non creative?

Personally, I think everyone exists on a spectrum of all of these things and more. People are complex with unique combinations of genes and personalities. Amongst the wider population, there are probably all sorts of combinations on a sliding scale of these things. And on a changing basis, minute by minute.

Humans love to generalise and pigeonhole people – it is both entertaining and lazy thinking combined. Creatives and suits, Vulcans and bleeding heart liberals, left and right wing, male and female, young and old, have-a-go heroes and those who live life vicariously.

I believe all of us are capable of change and on our own unique journeys of development, influenced by the school of hard knocks, the inspiring people we meet, the knowledge we uncover and things like parenthood or the death of someone we love, which change us forever.

We might choose jobs and careers that emphasise different things to onlookers, but even the most structured jobs can have their creative problem-solving moments, requiring human solutions. We all solve problems daily. Is solving a problem non creative? So-called logical people can use intuition, show initiative and spontaneity and have aspects of their life that are repetitive and creative, whether in work or play.

True scientists, like statisticians, seek patterns and underlying relationships. They also accept that the real World is full of rich spectrums, not binary examples. Neuro-surgeons and mental health doctors alike know that the human brain is complex and not categorised into simple left and right brain thinking people. Design may be creative with execution non creative, or visa versa.

Perhaps we should just abolish the phrase ‘visa versa’ and replace it with ‘visa versatile’?