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I was watching the last episode of the TY programme ‘The Tribe’ last night, about a tiny Ethiopian village community’s efforts to embrace government-provided education, set against the backdrop of their time-honoured, cattle-herding life. Like primitive cultures all around the World, this tribe is having to make a very rapid cultural change within one generation. They weren’t in denial. And they faced change as best they could, with quiet courage and dignity.

Today, I then read and listened to the following web-link.


Here, arguably is the beginnings of a great and noble debate going on at the moment in the social networked World, raising the ‘sound level’, to support the quiet technical revolution going on around us.

Is society planning for these changes enough? Are we fundamentally reforming the tax system to ensure it can effectively extract enough revenues generated from the owners of new technologies, to provide for the ‘infrastructure’ needs of people acclimatising to such changes?

Are social workers, therapists, careers advisors and counsellors undergoing enough training in preparation for these future changes (automation, robotics, the internet of things, mass market 3D printing on demand)?