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Is it socially acceptable to show or take away?

Showing feelings is good. But only some feelings.

Taking away grief, conflict, confusion, mistrust or sadness is good. But taking away hope, human dignity or confidence is bad.

Taking away belief is ok. But only if you replenish it with something better.

As a parent, giving respect to your children is good. But if it means taking the necessary structure out of their lives, that’s bad.

As a parent, looking after your family is good. But if it’s not making them become more confident and more self-reliant over time, that’s bad.

Being easy-going is good, but being viewed as easy is bad.

Social caring is good. But being seen as a hypocrite is bad.

Escaping society once in a while is good, but escape for too long is seen as bad.

Showing acceptance of authority is good. But if it means resisting necessary change, it’s bad.

Showing an interest in financial security is good. But showing an interest in money for money’s sake is bad.

So when do these boundaries kick in? Who among us keeps track and who decides?