Love in the age of science

_MG_9934   _MG_8913

Our love of broad daylight doesn’t trump the romance, or the expanse of the night sky.

Just because romantic ideas travel by fibre-optic cable at the speed of light, doesn’t make them accepted any quicker.

Being in love with someone seems to involve two things at once – you have to love yourself AND you have to love someone else unconditionally.

Love is always excused. Hate is sometimes forgiven.

If we spend twice as longer thinking about personal text messages and half as long sending them, technology would help us, not overwhelm us.

The introduction of new technology just gives us something else to love. Instead of having more love for each other.

Although the internet connects up more of the World, sadly it doesn’t help us reach a common view.

Happiness is the anticipation of pleasure, gain or success. Sadness is the realisation of pain, loss or failure.


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