Vote for a small party, guarantee coalition uncertainty.

In a healthy society, voter personal honesty and morality has to come even before political honesty. Whether in Scotland or down south, you can’t avoid the results of your own education shortcomings, by continually voting down the government of the day.

Economic death by no cuts, or life from a thousand cuts. The choice no voter wants to make.

In the UK, we spend 4.5 years letting political trivia dominate over the big issues. Let’s at least encourage politicians only to debate the big issues in the run up to the election.

Run from any political party wanting a free lunch for their voters, but World hunger for everyone else.

Political stability comes from alternating broad centralist parties in power, not a mosaic of single issue-minority coalitions.

If the voters don’t become incredibly astute about the issues affecting their nation, how will they know which politicians to rely on?