The two most pressing issues for the next UK general election – unplanned immigration and terrorism.

Without investing in effective UK border control (whatever it takes), the problem inside becomes bigger than the problem offshore.

That means stopping and searching every vehicle, plane and ship, returning refugees automatically and quickly to their home country at the UK taxpayer’s expense (everyone entering illegally is a refugee with every incentive to put up a World class case to stay), hunting down human traffickers & inbound terrorists, charging and if found guilty, jailing them both for long periods.

How to pay for all this? Change the law and seize the money owning (in cash or kind) from convicted master criminals. If the law was changed to automatically seize the estimated proceeds of crime, with no recourse by the convicted criminal, justice would fund border protection.

Stronger laws and stronger vigilance would also dampen down crime & terrorism inside the UK in the future.

What’s the alternative? Death by a thousand cuts – the flight of capital and the brain drain, as the best seek safe havens to work and raise families in elsewhere. What else? A collapsed NHS system, credit rating downgrade, riots, overcrowded schools,  ineffective housing and unviable transport solutions. And the entire fee-paying populations of the war-torn countries of the World flooding into Britain to (in time) re-create ancient animosities here…

If the politicians can’t deal with these two issues effectively and soon, there won’t be a country left worth governing.