With the rise of fully fledged AI, let’s set AI three tasks to solve:

  1. Preserve current human population levels (birth rate=death rate) in their home countries.
  2. Encourage global trade, but eliminate human migration.
  3. Solve the ‘too hard’ problems we face; global warming, wealth distribution inequality and rising unemployment & its social impacts caused by automation.

 With rising unemployment due to job automation, people don’t need greater job sharing (thinner slices of the existing pie that just leave even more people hungry). Instead, they need effective government policymaking to preserve their social structure as a nation.

With or without rising unemployment due to job automation, people continue to need to do meaningful activities to bring meaning (and happiness) to their lives. Those that work to live (a growing number), need to vote in government policies that preserve social harmony. Nations that let business owners day by day automate away their social structures, face the greatest peril to the nation’s survival.