It sometimes takes an analytical person using right brain activity (creative problem solving) to solve a left brain problem.

Try to avoid the business planning process taking 13 months of effort, for a 12 month forecast period.

One of today’s senior job applicants jumping through the hoops of the interview process could well be tomorrow’s interviewer (and agency relationship manager), on the other side of the table.  If you’re the job agency appointed, you’d be wise to remember this in all your dealings.

Sometimes you have to do external benchmarking to raise internal standards of efficiency and quality.

Recruitment needs to be age blind. Older people don’t just have old fashioned experience, they also have long run perspective -they’ve seen the boom and bust times and most of the pitfalls in action. Organisations often hire fresh young blood with the latest technical skills, not realising their older employees can adapt what they know, to reach the same end point. Ironically the decision makers are often older staff themselves. See also blog post ‘Careers of Project Work Ahead’ on how long Generation Y workers expect to stay with their employer.

The more costly the costing system to build, the more cost savings (to a point) it creates elsewhere in the organisation .

Accountants gravitate to reporting on material items. Operations managers gravitate to seeking (immaterial) points of leverage. Accountants are supposed to be supporting the business.