When you are lucky enough to love someone, who needs to win the lottery?

If love is so great (and it is, in my view), why don’t more people give it out?

Is sibling rivalry just siblings trampling on sibling love, to get parental love?

Do we need separate words to describe step-parent love, grandparent love, pet-owner love, or gadget love?

Is there a difference between ‘new adopters’ who have a love affair with ground-breaking technology (who might hate shopping) and shopaholics who have a love for new season collections and new fashion new designs, who hate new technology?

Is lust still one of the seven deadly sins, if it’s for your partner that you love?

How come so many people love watching (office) politics, especially if involving intrigue and bitchiness, but so few people love politicians in general?

The most beautiful thing in the Universe – a mother’s love for her offspring?

There’s just one virus we want to go global and infect as many people as possible – the love bug.