Careers of project work ahead…

I read an interesting preview on the  ‘Recruitment Grapevine’ website, based on a recent London Business School survey of Generation Y work attitudes.

In it, the London Business School says 90% of Generation Y employees do not plan on staying with one employer for more than five years – with 37% planning to stay less than two years.

Richard Hytner, Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at London Business School says that “The job market can respond by better casting people to very specific projects, very specific assignments, very specific opportunities – multiple opportunities – in order to keep talent developed, stretched and hungry.”

Does this mean in the skilled labour market that we’re moving increasingly to project jobs that involve people working on multiple projects concurrently and on a stream of projects in sequence?

Will job agencies that operate in the skilled labour market, evolve into brokers between project tender issuance and project tender submissions?

Will Gen Y (generation cynical/generation rent) manage their own careers as a portfolio of income streams (involving client project work that is less than five years long, possibly from multiple concurrent clients), rather than as one ‘permanent role’ salary from a ‘permanent’ employer?

Lastly, will many future white collar management jobs evolve into project management roles instead?


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