EU voting cause and effect – EU elections began in 1979 and now, over 70% of British law comes from the EU, while British MP representation in the EU parliament (the amending chamber) is a mere 8%. Even worse, British voter turnout for the last EU election (2009) was only about one third of the voting population, less than the 43% average voter turnout across Europe. What’s worse – that so few people vote after seeing the EU parliamentary process in action for so long, or that so few people vote for something that is increasingly dominating their lives?

A Scotland voter’s choice; vote YES and hope Scotland can quickly join the Euro (to win more exports off a weaker currency than the pound), or vote NO, stay out of the Euro and hope that one day Britain will adopt the Euro for itself?

Join a gang and the life you waste will be your own.

The more ice in your cocktail, the less appetite to relax and celebrate. So it is with global warming and rising oceans.

Higher education outreach needs honest commitment & a regular engagement, just as marriage needs honest commitment and a regular engagement.

Parents share the frustrations of shadow governments – one has all the knowledge and none of the respect to act. The other has little of the knowledge and none of the respect to act.