Education opens a door to awareness. Awareness opens a Universe to discovery.


Bank bonuses – less a reward for the past. More an incentive to generate value in the future.

In the time spent bank bonus-bashing, banks silently generate huge value for the UK economy.

Scandals in the banking industry, Parliament, or the Met Police, are like storms lashing the coastline. Learn from the experience. Take effective steps to avoid future damage, but most importantly, appreciate the strength of the underlying landscape.

If we spend time bashing the wealth creators, instead of upskilling, we’ll get the economic wasteland we deserve.

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Every person who rips off the system, takes taxpayers money that could have gone into investing in a better future for us all. And especially our kids.

Healthy living is a series of choices. Unhealthy dying is a consequence of not making the right choices.

People complain that immigration puts pressure on public services. And then choose to swamp the NHS system (A&E) instead of visiting their GP for treatment!

Taking drugs combines the worst of the Black Death with the worst of the Slave Trade.

Being proud to be English doesn’t mean celebrating understatement. There’s nothing understated about Newton or Shakespeare, the global prevalence of the English language, or the Westminster system of government.