‘Leaves on the track’, a special rail language that most commuters can’t understand. And encouraging the astute to run into the arms of alternative transport providers.

Train companies who want to dodge a bullet, have to be faster than a speeding bullet train in their planning.

Train Companies – training for gold?

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In banking, the 3-6-3 rule used to mean; offer at 3%, lend out at 6% and be on the golf course by 3pm. Now it means; offer 3 benefits to depositors (a competitive deposit rate, personal service and safe custody of their money), give 6 benefits to borrowers (a competitive lending rate, personal service, extensive product array, global reach, minimal red tape and minimal cross-subsidisation of risk) and offer 3 reassurances on the net reserves held.

Goodwill banks are the best banks of all, since the less  (goodwill) you give, the more risk you take.

For banks and rail companies, these days, market share is the displacement of water by a boat, on an ocean of uncertain size.

A brand that isn’t about innovation is one brand too many in the World.