Politics – if you choose to be frantically busy on the trivial things, you never have time to step up and address the big things.

Politicians are in a hurry to tax everything except themselves.

Politicians are like company shareholders – incentivised to care about the sustainability of their organisation and its market dominance. Like for companies, how well their customers benefit from their role is secondary. Want to see their behaviour change? Change their incentives first.

Political parties – competing to present a set of least-worst options and then calling them ideology, to make them sound more coherent.

Good politics – more news (simple facts and key headlines), less weather (hot air, short lived rainbows & fog).

Politics – some prima-donna chefs arguing about how to cut the pie, instead of putting most of their effort into growing the pie?

Is remote governance from Brussels the real problem for UK voters? Voters ideally don’t want to see or hear the politicians they elect. What they do want to see and hear are the results of great leadership on their communities, no matter where it’s from.