Growing as a person means both finding truths and accepting them as friends.

Booze take your mind off today’s problems. So you can face bigger ones tomorrow… with a hangover.

Is imagination the first casualty in any computer game? You use your own imagination, but only within the limits of the games designer’s imagination.

What’s the most beautiful thing in the Universe? A mother’s love for her offspring. What’s the most ugly thing in the Universe? Male vanity.

Unable to value risks? They’re the ones who join a gang…

In today’s World, how is it that we all have the time to text, but we’re all too busy (playing smart phone games) to read other people’s texts?

You can take Life’s hits, when you love your misses.

Laws, codes, rules and regulations. The solution when we can’t, or won’t apply common sense.

We could probably colonise another planet half the size of Earth with all the leftovers of man’s lust for women and women’s lust for love.

Preserving primitive beliefs in the modern World is like a drowning man grabbing a handful of water.

Frustrated with the World? Look through the symptoms to the causes. Don’t just join a cause.

The more scientists and designers rely on Big Data to change the World, the less human and comprehensible our World becomes.

Smart people follow the actions of unsung heroes, not the words of singers.

Eco-dating – greenmail on Hotmail seeks organically-fresh, blossom with flower power.

Rap needs to inspire us about the future, not bore us about the rapper’s past.

Gambling combines vanity, glamour, entertainment and greed. It‘s so effective because being human, we fail to untangle these things. When we lose, we rationalise our bad judgement (about the odds) as bad luck.