Leadership – the art of making it happen today, not chairing a five year talkfest.

Managers manage Committees. Leaders lead change.

The evolution of business – first came managing individuals, then leading teams, then enabling virtual networks.

Making progress means both finding truths and accepting them as friends.

The more things change, the more management consultants look for someone else to blame.

Joined up thinking – if you’re on the roller coaster of change management, make sure the rails are connected and continuous.

The old way: A few chicken and egg dilemmas. And a large dollop of status quo inertia. The new way: Many chicken and egg iterations. And a small dollop of status quo inertia.

As Policy becomes red tape, moral hazard turns into morale hazard.

In the workplace, straight arrows seek their target. Prime movers dodge someone else’s target.

Leadership is like air, too often we don’t see it, but we all depend on it.

Boardroom leadership, not Bored Room readership.

Goodwill banks are the best banks of all – the less you give, the more risk you take.

Twenty first Century teams involve all members showing leadership on something.