Financial accountants – been counters who smoke numbers without inhaling.   Sometimes known to let their credit card balance their partner’s debit card.

Auditors – martial artists in tick boxing.

As the pace of innovation speeds up, how long before all assets on the Balance Sheet simply become Current Assets?

As business change speeds up and the ride gets more bumpy, will the emphasis in Accountancy shift from gas tank and mileage measurement, to speed and rev counter measurement?

Spreadsheets – the pigeon-holer’s tool of choice. Containing cells without life, yet able to quickly mutate beyond recognition.

If spreadsheets contain the cells, VBA is the DNA and circular references, the cancer.

Numbers are like diamonds – their substance can generally be verified. However, like for diamonds, if you want the best result, look at their substance from all angles.

The danger of pie charts is in making us feel hungry and limiting our thinking to one pie.

CA firms; Collective Amnesia clean-up crew?

Lawyers and financiers clean up what economists and regulators fail to forecast.

To an accountant, typos in text feel like scars, acne and bruised skin. Typos in numbers, arthritis, osteoporosis & leukemia.

Budgets – forecast, flexible and fractious. Actuals – firm, fixed and final.

How much use is a KPI when your strategy keeps evolving?