Some ironies observed from 20 years in the Business World.

By the time fresh thinking is finally embraced, it’s stale thinking. The World has moved on…

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Clear, rational thinking can emerge from the wildest dreams.

The most finance resources go into keeping score (especially measuring growth). The least seem to go into identifying leverage to improve performance (e.g. measuring rate changes).

Those who make the best impact, get credit when they least expect it. And from unexpected sources.

Not all units of a currency are alike in their impact. Identify the spending that gives the greatest leverage.

Pride and ego are handicaps to progress and erode positional power.

If you’re telling managers what they want to hear, you probably have the wrong audience (proud, complacent leaders?).

The best team is probably the team of neurons in your head.

The better our information systems become, the lazier we get?

The more concerning the present situation, the more people work on change. Whether or not it it brings progress. The less concerning the present, the more people work on progress, which brings change along for the ride.

Real progress comes at the rate we learn from mistakes. Not the rate at which we avoid them.

Free thinkers make the best team members – mutual respect glues their team together.

Business opportunities remain infinite. Even if resources seem finite.

Opportunities & threats used to be easier to see. Now the pace of change and the online nature of change obscures them both.