While walking down Piccadilly in London on a rain-soaked Saturday morning in October, a random but symmetrical thought suddenly popped into my head.  I know that generalising about genders is ambitious. It’s also controversial, a bit ‘Sex in the City’ and perhaps ill-advised. But even so, are gender paths & goals diverging, instead of converging – (many) men seeking power, while (many) women seek beauty? If so, it’s tragic that so few men reach a place of beauty from a place of power. And just as tragic, that so few women reach a place of power from a place of beauty.

A couple of examples – firstly, politicians weld power. But how much of what they do creates beauty – in communities or in the environment? Or even in new rules that endure, because they work and not stop good actions happening?

Secondly, fashion-house moguls push new fashion trends on their target markets on a seasonal basis. Their success might build an enduring brand, create jobs and be associated with increasing the share price of their companies. Their products also bring happiness (meeting practical need, novelty need or self-expression need)  to those wanting new clothes. Yet, apart from influencing fashion, do those fashion moguls have power in any other capacity?

Does choosing one path (beauty or power), guarantee that the other thing cannot being reached? And would the fans of power and beauty have more respect for each other, if they knew both paths ultimately led to the same place?

Going back to the sexes, we all want some kind of power and beauty for the next generation. So maybe on some level, all the fans do have something in common after all. Maybe the power and beauty brands those fans aspire to, need to inspire each other for the power of symmetry (and sanity) to prevail?