When they’re very young, your children look to you for everything.

And they mean everything to you.

When they’ve grown a bit, they look to you for reassurance and entertainment.

It entertains you to reassure them. And it reassures you when they think you’re entertaining.

Then when they can walk and up until their early teens, your children look to you for decisive leadership.

You go round in circles about how best to be a good leader in their lives.

Then they look to you for money and your applause.

First you pay them while they stay and applaud them while they do. Then you pay them when they leave. And applaud them when they set out on their own.

Eventually, they just look to you for your applause.

By now, your money has run out. So all you can do is applause!

Then finally, at your funeral, they give you their applause. Or if you’re really lucky, their applause comes one day sooner.