If you’re anything like me, you recognise silver, but struggle to recognise gold.

So many moments in life don’t make it to silver status. But then there’s the occasional sparkle and gleam and you know you’re in the presence of something remarkable. Or you realise afterwards it was silver, not silver-coated junk metal.

Some people will say to treat every experience and every opportunity handed to you as if it’s gold. It might smell and feel like a cow pat, but imagine it as gold and you’ll have a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a heart pounding in your chest (in a good way). Some people can turn cow-pat stories into gold (screen writers of major movies and the A list actors who participate). Or follow the cow pats to the farm, the farm to the civilisation and the civilisation to the amazing new ideas.

For the rest of us, we hope for silver, we look for silver and we appreciate it when we see it, however fleetingly. It might be the significant triumph in our kid’s life, our parent making a full recovery from cancer, our friend finally appreciating the support we’ve given them, or our boss and customers eventually giving us the feedback we’ve been wanting.

Gold? That’s another story. It’s there somewhere. Shrouded in irony. Buried in the rubble. Entering stage-left when we least expect it. Camouflaged, sometimes as fool’s gold. It might make a fleeting appearance once every ten years, but then, if we take the time and we’re ready, it makes us miss a breath, think aha and choose something more ambitious, swallowing down our fear and insecurity.

Maybe the trick is less about mining for gold (don’t keep digging deep for it, while it appears right behind you), less about waiting for gold (enjoy the silver and hope for more of it) and more about how you react to it when it does come.

Good luck!