Is there any other way to live?

Living on the edge of reason includes living on the edge of knowledge, not just sanity. If we all created something new each day and didn’t just consume, the sum of those 3.6B ‘something news’ would solve a lot of problems.

Living on the edge of your seat includes being in love. Feeling intense emotion and suspense. Being passionate about something. Believe it can be special. That’s the first step.

Living on the edge of the ledge includes cheating danger. Taking calculated risks. Cheating the big forces, whether storms rolling in, gravity, cultural envelopment or social upheaval. Wrap every aspect of your life in cotton wool and life will be safe. But also dull. You’ll miss the unexpected, the charming, real beauty and true emotion. Look where you don’t want to fall.

Living on the edge of effectiveness. Try to be the best you can be and host the most. Kipling had it right when he said ‘… fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run’. Life was meant to be a complex juggling act. So enjoy. And take satisfaction when your wins outweigh your losses.

Oh yeah.